PP Beverage Cups- The Best Choice for Bubble Tea Shops!

High-Quality PP Beverage Cups, Made in Taiwan – The Best Choice for Bubble Tea Shops!

Our PP beverage cups are manufactured in Taiwan with excellent quality, durable and sturdy, specifically designed for bubble tea shops. Whether it’s refreshing milk tea, hot tea drinks, or creative beverages, these cups can perfectly hold them all. Here are the features of our cups:

  1. Safe and Non-Toxic Materials: Made from high-quality PP material, ensuring food-grade safety for the most reassuring drinking experience for your customers.
  2. Heat and Cold Resistant: Withstands temperature changes from hot to cold drinks without deforming or cracking.
  3. High Transparency: Showcases the color and texture of your beverages, enhancing visual appeal and making every drink the highlight of your shop.
  4. Eco-Friendly and Durable: Reusable, reducing the waste of single-use plastics and contributing to environmental protection.
  5. Various Capacities: Available in multiple sizes to meet different beverage needs, offering flexible usage.

Choose our PP beverage cups to enhance the quality of your drinks and let your customers experience the meticulous craftsmanship of Taiwan. Purchase now to make your bubble tea shop more competitive!

KGX-Y700 Cold Drink Cup


  1. 安全無毒材料:選用優質PP材質,確保食品級安全,給顧客最安心的飲用體驗。
  2. 耐高溫、耐低溫:能承受從熱飲到冰飲的溫度變化,不變形、不破裂。
  3. 透明度高:展示飲品色澤與質感,提升視覺吸引力,讓每一杯飲品都成為店內的焦點。
  4. 環保耐用:重複使用,減少一次性塑料的浪費,為地球環保盡一份力。
  5. 容量多樣:提供多種容量選擇,滿足不同飲品需求,靈活搭配使用。